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On November 4, 2022, the Company celebrated its first birthday. On this birthday, the Board of Directors organized a team-building trip for all company members and CS workers at Madagui Forest City with many fascinating programs!!

This is a trip to create conditions for everyone to meet and understand each other better as well as to cultivate solidarity and company culture. Therefore, in order to create a stronger relationship like a family, the Company has alternately arranged many people from different departments to participate in team games. In addition, whether in the car or in the campfire, the Karaoke program is always ready to serve the members who want to show their singing talent. :)


In particular, to thank and encourage employees who have worked hard in 2022, the Company awarded the best Team and Employee award at the Gala party.


After the trip, all members felt happy, excited, and continued to return to work to get ready for the next trip.

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