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International March 8th Women’s Day is a day honoring the great achievements and contributions of women around the world. The day also marks a call to action to promote gender equality.

On this day, people give their important women gifts, flowers or good wishes to express their affection, compensate for their sacrifices and hard work. March 8th is the day when spouses, children, friends... bring happiness to their beloved women with sincere concern from the depths of their hearts.

And on this day, Alpha Plus Company cooperated with N.H.O Developer to organize the activity "Charity donation" with residents of Imperial Place An Lac to bring to disabled women in the great family named “Maison Chance” with the motto “Donate with your heart!” N.H.O Developer has donated 500,000 VND for each donation from residents.

Imperial Place’s residents have actively participated in contributing many valuable items. After that, Alpha Plus together with N.H.O came to the place, hand-delivered these meaningful gifts to the less fortunate women at the house "Maison Chance".

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