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NEWS Alpha Plus

Alpha Family Center is a dedicated space for residents, featuring specially designed spaces for both children and parents.

At the Family Center, we provide an open space for residents to comfortably study and work, along with various activities and exciting programs updated monthly.


Additionally, Alpha Family Center also has the Hope Library with over 200 bilingual books for children to relax and foster creative abilities.


The Toy Room is equipped with a wide array of beloved toys in a spacious area with complimentary air conditioning. It is the favorite space for children to play, interact, and develop each day.

Alpha Plus also offers after-school programs for residents, catering to both children and adults, including English Class For Children, Book Reading Class, Art Class, Origami Class, Yoga Class, Badminton class, Aerobics & Yoga Class, Calligraphy classes, Adult Yoga Class, Drawing Class, Adult English Class and Nursing/Exercise Class For The Elderly

As of now, Alpha Family Center has established its presence in major cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and Hai Phong. Alpha Plus is continuing its efforts to expand the Family Center to other provinces and cities across Vietnam, aiming to bring more happiness and value to customers.

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